GEO-Instruments Products


Small Diameter Bonded Strain Gauge Sister Bar

The Bonded Strain Gauge Sister Bar is designed to be used for monitoring strain changes in concrete structures. With the optional thermistor they can also be used to monitor temperature gradients of concrete during or after curing. Typical applications include: reinforced or unreinforced piles and mass concrete, monitoring strains in reinforcing bars during construction, pile testing, and service life, monitoring of strain due to load and induced strain during testing diaphragm and slurry walls, monitoring of bridge and dam construction.

Strand Gauge

The GEO-Strand Gauge consists of a spiral strain gauge made with a Teflon sheathed resistance wire, extending between two bondable ends. The strand Gauge is designed to measure load and strain measurement in rock and soil anchors (stressing and bond zones), in cable bolts used for rock support (tunnels, underground excavations, underground and open pit mines chambers), and load and strain measurement in pre-stressed and posttensioned concrete.

Vibrating Wire Sisterbar/Rebar Strain Gauge

The Rebar Strain Gauge is designed to measure strain in concrete piles, mass concrete structures, diaphragm and slurry walls, caissons and cast in place concrete piles. The Rebar Strain Gauge is installed by welding the gauge into the rebar cage at a location within the structure suitable to accurately pass loads from the cured concrete into the gauge. Rebar Strain Gauges are welded into the re-enforcing cage and should be matched to the size and grade of the rebar forming the cage. Sister Bars are installed alongside existing lengths of rebar within the cage.